Terms of Warranty

We offer a one year warranty on our rebuilt parts (Webasto burners for 6 months)

For a warranty claim the Customer must send us:
  • Copy of distributor invoice
  • Copy of invoice or bill from authorized service which installed that part
  • Damaged part with original label with the date of rebuilding and data of distributor
Without all of the above information, the claim will be rejected as well as:
  • Rebuilt part was installed by unauthorized service
  • Label with data of distributor and the date of rebuilding is missing
  • Improper use of spare part
  • Mechanically damaged parts
  • Any modifications or repairs performed on that part (prohibited by KOTPOL)

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Contact details

ul. Kościuszki 80
21-560 Międzyrzec Podlaski

tel. (83) 371 54 65
tel. (83) 371 54 66

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